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desktop servicesJunction PC strives for excellence in service and support. What makes us different from our competitors is our dedication to providing the best possible service we can, and our personal knowledge of our clients' needs as businesses. Junction PC is a VAR, or Value Added Reseller. The value that is added to all of the products you purchase from Junction PC comes from the time, commitment, and personalized assistance we guarantee you'll receive from us, whether you're having trouble with your products or not.

NO HASSLE service

Ever try to get support from a manufacturer that understood your problem and provided an easy to implement solution? Not likely.

This process is difficult and time-consuming, no matter your level of warranty service. It is easy for manufacturers to point fingers at each other, leaving you in an endless loop with no actual support at all. This is where our service-oriented philosophy truly shines. We won't keep you on the phone for hours, and we won't send you parts, expecting that you know how to fix your own PC, or wish to be talked through doing the work yourself over the phone. Junction PC will make your problem our problem, and not rest until a resolution is found. We won't put the burden of labor on the customer.

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desktop servicesWhile we don't manufacture the products we sell, we certainly know them intimately, and are experienced at working with the manufacturers to address even the most complex issues where required. If we don't know the answer, we will dedicate significant time and resources to researching your problem until an effective resolution is found. This is where the value is truly added to your purchase, and you won't find this kind of dedication at stores like Best Buy and Staples. Customers who care about their time and peace of mind come to Junction PC, where their purchase is valued higher than the sum of its parts. Come and experience the difference for yourself.

Datto Certified Advanced TechnicianJunction PC has Datto Certified Advanced Technicians on staff to most efficiently help our Datto customers directly. This is the highest level of certification awarded by Datto. This gives Junction PC the knowledge to quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems.

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Service area in Pennsylvania: Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County the surrounding Philadelphia area. Also serving New Jersey and Delaware.

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