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Design & Implementation

computer repairNo matter how well your network performs, a poorly-designed desktop prevents your staff from working at their full potential. Providing each of your users with a reliable, scalable desktop environment ensures that their productivity does not suffer. We design and implement desktop environments using proven methodologies and current technology. At the design phase, we determine the operating system, the minimum hardware configuration, and the types of business applications / office productivity software you need. After testing, we deploy the new desktop. At post rollout, we provide knowledge transfer, end-user training and support.

Office ProDuctivity Applications

IT supportMost companies deploy desktop computers that require two kinds of software: Office productivity, and line of business applications. Before we deploy any new applications, we resolve all conflicting dynamic link library file and third-party application integration issues, and certify that the programs are stable in your environment. After deployment, we train and support your staff until everyone can use the new software effectively.


network securityNetwork security starts at your firewall, but it doesn't end there. Network security affects every desktop. For that reason, our team provides anti-virus and internal desktop security solutions that minimize the risk of a major infection caused by a virus or the internal company hacker accessing your company's confidential data. To minimize your downtime and risk of data loss, we deploy these solutions using the most reliable anti-virus and network security products.

Common Desktop Environment

IT supportAt Junction PC, we advocate standardizing your computing environment. After all, you automated your business to make money, not to lose money to staggering support costs. Your support costs grow exponentially when your helpdesk has to be familiar with multiple hardware configurations, multiple operating systems, and many versions of office productivity and line of business applications.

Email and Middleware solutions

IT ManagerTalking and teamwork - both are vital to the success of your business, whatever its size. With communication and collaboration, all departments move in unison toward the goal prescribed by the management. A company without communication and collaboration will struggle in today's market. That's why Junction PC deploys email and middleware solutions that maximize your talking and teamwork. Our solutions address your existing environment while allowing for future growth. We fully support and manage local (on-premise) Exchange servers, along with Hosted Exchange.

Managed IT Services

Service area in Pennsylvania: Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County the surrounding Philadelphia area. Also serving New Jersey and Delaware.

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